Review By: psgrimminnj - State: Alabama

Vendor: IDViking


Very happy we selected ID Viking, the ID looks great! Unbiased reviewer, no connection to the company, no promotional awards or any of that stuff

Communication: 10/10

The delivery was a bit slow, but ID Viking responded immediately and resolved the issue by providing a tracking number, which is all you can ask

Cost: 9/10

Paid around $100, which is industry standard, so no issue

Shipping: 5/10

Shipping took about 3 weeks, which is a bit slower than others have experienced, but ID Viking responded to an e-mail with a tracking ID from USPS, which resolved the issue

signature: 10/10

Perfect, exact size and match of my real signature


template: 10/10

Very detailed, looks very realistic when compared to the real thing

photoshop: 9/10

Looks very good, no issue at all with the workmanship

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Shockingly good, looks exactly like the real thing

uv: 9/10

Looks great under a UV lamp -- no complaints!

scanning: 10/10

All the information came up on my iOS app

conclusion: 9/10

I can't see any reason this ID won't work at any location, ID Viking did a great job! Their customer service resolved the delivery issue immediately, which is exactly what I wanted.